Our CGS committees represent members and the greater community at large. As we grow as an organization we look to out members to lead, promote and work within the community in various ways. Below is a list of our current committees with a description of each. Members who wish to be more involved are encouraged to sign up for one or more of these groups that they feel a connection to.  One member from each committee will serve as the contact person for that group to communicate ideas, planning etc. If you have an idea for an additional committee not listed here, please let us know so we can add it.

TRADESHOW:  Scout out venue locations, assist with vendor communication, sign ups, invites, marketing material and more

OUTREACH: Assist with new and current charitable organizations. Help to plan volunteer events to involve CGS members

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Are you a person who likes to use Twitter or Facebook or other social media outlets? If so, we need you to help us promote CGS with your posts or tweets.

NEW MEMBERS Do you know of a building nearby that hasn't heard about CGS? If so, we'd like you to represent CGS by visiting and providing information about CGS to new Properties here and Bellevue, invite them to as your guest at an upcoming reception or meeting.

COMMUNITY RELATIONS: Coordinate and plan CGS events , meetings, work with Annie on new venue ideas, reach out to your connections to arrange receptions, events etc...