(Updated 2-24-16)


Article I-Name 

Section 1

The name of this non-profit corporation shall be the

Concierge Guild of Seattle (CGS).

Article II-Purpose 

Section 1

The Concierge Guild of Seattle is an association of professional concierges representing the greater Seattle area. Through networking, we share information; knowledge and experiences that enable us to better serve our clients and our community as ambassadors to our city. It is our commitment to professionalism, ethics and excellence, which gives honor and credibility to our profession.

The purpose of CGS shall be:


  1. Promote friendship and solidarity between residential, retail and corporate properties and members in the greater Seattle area through social interaction, events, networking, sharing and finding solutions to common concerns.
  2. Promote, foster and enhance a level of competence, professional developmentand improve skills among members of the Guild by holding regularly scheduled meetings and circulating information and materials of educational and professional value.
  3. Nurture a strong and respected relationship with Seattle businesses and cultural organizations of value to our members, residents, tenants, guests, and clients.
  4. Take an active role and be a supportive voice in our community and the greater Seattle area hospitality industry.
  5.  Promote the visibility, interests and welfare of our properties and develop the best services for our residents and guests.  

Section 2

The Concierge Guild of Seattle shall not discriminate according to sex, race, national origin, religious, political, union affiliation, or any other state or federally protected category.

Article III-Membership 

Section 1

Definition:  The term Concierge shall refer to individuals employed as Concierge in a residential setting or professional capacity including long-term or extended stay residential hotels, retail and corporate properties and business communities.  Guest service personnel who perform Concierge-type duties could also be included.  All Concierge positions must maintain a visible, designated location and signage with access to all residents, guests and clients. Membership is for twelve months (January to December) and subject to renewal.

Section 2

Concierge Membership:  An individual must be employed as a concierge by a residential, retail or business community. A Concierge Membership in Good Standing may vote and is non-transferable among properties.

Section 3

Application Process for Concierge Members:  Applications forms are available on the CGS website ( They must be completed and sent/emailed to the Vice President who will present to the other CGS officers for approval. Acceptance into the Guild will require a majority vote of the Officers, attendance at one monthly meeting and completion of the review process including payment of dues. 

Section 4

Ambassador Membership: An individual who makes noteworthy personal and professional achievements in the field of hospitality and whose membership will be of mutual benefit to the CGS shall qualify and be considered for Ambassador Membership. They will have served or are serving in one of the following categories: concierge, concierge liaison, hotel concierge, hospitality or business leaders, and retired concierge. Ambassador Members in Good Standing may vote, serve on a committee, actively participate, contribute to the Guild’s purpose and serve in the community. Ambassador members shall pay dues.  

Section 5

Application Process for Ambassador Membership Applications forms are available on the CGS website ( They must be completed and sent/emailed to the Vice President who will present to the other CGS officers. Acceptance into the Guild will require a majority vote of the Officers, attendance at one monthly meeting and completion of the review process including payment of dues. Ambassador Membership is subject to an annual review by the Officers and will be revoked if there has been no communication, contact or attendance at any CGS events.

Section 6

Ex-Officio Membership:

Someone that holds an office or title by virtue of another role or position he/she has, or has had within an organization” [Oxford American Dictionary].

CGS Officers nominate and vote to determine who may hold an Ex-Officio membership. Ex-Officio members may attend all meeting and events and must follow all rules, regulations and guidelines set forth by CGS.  Ex-Officio members may offer advice and guidance, mentor fellow members, participate in discussions, suggest items to be considered by the Officers, vote and serve as Officers. Ex-Officio members shall pay dues. Ex-Officio membership may continue in perpetuity, until resignation or if the circumstances of participation are untenable.

Section 7

Application Process for Ex-Officio Membership CGS Board members nominate and vote to determine who is an Ex-Officio member.  In addition to this, members may make recommendations for Ex Officio memberships to the Officers for consideration.

Section 8

Termination of Membership:  Membership in the Guild may be terminated by a unanimous vote of the Officers due to nonpayment of dues, no longer meeting the membership requirements, not adhering to the CGS Protocols, Requirements & Guidelines or not attending the minimum of three (3) meetings per year.

Section 9

Unemployed Grace Period Members of CGS who are no longer employed as a Concierge at any property will be given a 90-day grace period to continue attending CGS functions while actively seeking new employment as a Concierge. If, after 90 days, the member has not been re-hired as a Concierge, their membership in CGS may revert to an Ambassador member for a period of 8 months. If re-employed as a Concierge, their status will then change from Ambassador Member to Concierge Member.

Article IV-Officers

Section 1-Composition & Terms

The governing body responsible for CGS shall be vested in the Officers (which will have 5 or more members) and shall include President, Vice President, Community Relations Director, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Each Officer shall have one vote on the Board.  The number of Officers to be elected or nominated can be adjusted with a unanimous decision of the current Officers and ratified by a simple majority of the Membership in Good Standing.  The Officers shall be elected every two years for a term of two years.  Officers will not hold more than two consecutive two-year terms as an Officer in the same position. Officers serve in a volunteer capacity.

Section 2 

Vacancies: A member appointed by the current officers shall fill vacancies.  Those so appointed will serve to the end of the current term.

Article V-Elections

Section 1

Nominations: Nominations for officer elections will take place in the Fall prior to the term expiration of the officers by members attending that meeting or by proxy.  The nomination must have the consent of the nominee.  All nominees must be members in Good Standing.

Section 2

Election Procedures:  A simple majority vote of the members in Good Standing shall decide the election of the Officers.  Voting may be done in person or by proxy.  Voting shall be done by secret ballot and counted by proctors.  Elections will take place by the last meeting of the year and the new Officers will assume their positions immediately following that meeting.

A majority vote of the members in Good Standing must be achieved either in person or by  proxy for elections . 

Section 3

Changes in the By-Laws: The By-Laws may be changed by a two-thirds vote of the membership in Good Standing.  They may be proposed by a simple majority of the Officers at a monthly meeting or via email.   Member discussion will take place at the next meeting and a vote taken both at the meeting and by proxy.  If a quorum of the members in Good Standing is not available either in person, by proxy, or by email, the vote must be tabled until a quorum is achieved.  

Article Vl-Endorsements

No member has the right to represent the Concierge Guild of Seattle by offering an endorsement or imply that they speak for the group when offering an opinion or recommendation. An official endorsement by the Concierge Guild of Seattle can, on rare occasions, be granted by a unanimous vote of the members. Any endorsement or recommendation by a member or the Guild should not show undue favoritism, bias, discrimination, compromise the ethics or integrity of the profession, and only offered in the best interests of our residents, tenants, and guests.

On all questions of Parliamentary procedure, Robert’s Rules of Order shall prevail.