Host a Meeting


Are you interested in hosting CGS at your establishment? Each month, the Concierge Guild Of Seattle is hosted at a different location where we conduct our monthly meeting. This is an excellent an opportunity for Concierge members city wide to learn more about the chosen venue, get to know your staff, level of service, sample the cuisine, and other key information so that we may then share this with our residents/guests.  Meetings begin promptly at 6:00 pm ending at 8-8:30 pm. Here is an outline of our meeting structure, these guidelines can be modified if necessary to better suit the host and venue. 

6:00–6:30 pm Members arrive to venue, mingle and network. Often a beverage or appetizer is offered during this time period as members are coming after work from their properties.
6:30–7:15 pm  Meeting begins with guest speakers, including our host.
7:15-8:00  Officers conduct meeting with agenda
8:00-8:30   At the conclusion of the meeting, we may socialize further and enjoy the food and beverage provided by our host and continue to network.
Note: A $5 -$10 dollar gratuityis collected from each member for the gratuity for your staff. The gratuity amounts are based on whether appetizers or entree portions will be served.

Host a Reception


You may host a reception at your establishment inviting members to meet the host, view and experience your venue, sample food and beverage as well as network with members. Note:  A $5 dollar gratuity is collected from each member for gratuity for the server.  

Host a Lunch/Dinner


You may invite members to a sit down lunch or dinner offering members the opportunity to view and experience your venue, food and meal service.Note: A $5 -$10 dollar gratuityis collected from each member for the gratuity for our servers. ($5 for lunch, $10 for dinner)