CGS Vision & Mission

The Concierge Guild Of Seattle is a non-profit, professional organization of Concierges representing the Seattle Metropolitan area. As ambassadors to our city, we network information, knowledge and experience that enable us to better serve our clients and our community. Members pledge to uphold the highest standards of guest services and ethics. We meet to network, share ideas, and learn from each other about Seattle and the surrounding areas. Our goals are to provide outstanding service to our guests, tenants and the Seattle community and to increase the visibility of the concierge profession in Seattle. The Concierge Guild Of Seattle holds monthly meetings at a variety of locations – attractions, theaters and restaurants. We also regularly get together for other events that allow us to familiarize us with the greater Seattle area. It is our commitment to professionalism, ethics and excellence which gives honor and credibility to our profession.

The purpose of our organization is:

  • To promote friendship and solidarity among residential, hotel and corporate properties of Seattle, through social interaction.

  • To promote a level of competence and professionalism among members of the association by holding regularly scheduled meetings, and circulating information and materials of educational value.

  • To work for the recognition of the concierge profession in the Seattle area.

  • To nurture a strong and respected relationship with other concierge organizations, Seattle businesses and cultural organizations that may benefit our tenants, guests, and clients.