(Updated 7-18-17) 


Business professional or appropriate attire is expected at every CGS function or event. Business or professional attire is mandatory at meetings, receptions, theater and dinner invitations unless an event invitation specifies otherwise. Tee shirts, jeans, shorts, baseball caps, scanty or revealing attire and tennis shoes are not considered business attire. Keep in mind that you are not only representing your property but the CGS and excessiveness in any manner is unacceptable.


All Members are required to attend a minimum of three (3) monthly meetings a year (one of which can be the annual Trade Show, typically in the Fall and/or a New Member's Orientation meeting, held periodically).  Meetings typically occur on the third Tuesday of the month.


Annual dues (and any changes) shall be proposed by the Officers and ratified by a simple majority vote of the Membership in Good Standing.  All members (or member properties) are required to pay their membership dues promptly and by the deadline indicated by the CGS Treasurer, currently the 31st of March in any given year.

·         2017 Dues shall be: $35 per year for Ex-Officio and Ambassador members; $60 per year per member property for one concierge; $110 per year per member property for two members; $150 per year per member property for three or more; Larger member properties and group membership dues shall be determined by a majority vote of the Officers. 


·      Invitations extended to CGS members do not include an invitation to a guest unless specifically stated or with prior authorization from the CGS President.  When in doubt, please contact the President or Community Relations Officer; do not contact the vendor who extended the invitation.

·      If guests are invited, they are expected to leave the same gratuity as the CGS member.

·      It is required to respond to RSVP’s in a timely manner before the RSVP deadline which means YES or NO (not MAYBE).  RSVP’s will be accepted on the email invitation indicated with changes or cancellations available up until the day prior to a CGS event or meeting.  Please pay special attention to those invites that ask you to RSVP to both the CGS invite and to the Host.  You may not be able to attend if you do not do both.  Same day changes or additions to an invitation must be made via a text message to the CGS President and/or the CGS Vice President.

·      Punctuality is expected at all Concierge functions, especially ones with time-specific stipulations. If, for some reason you anticipate being late to a function, a CGS officer should be notified as early as possible. If a concierge cannot attend at the last minute, please text the CGS President to let him or her know.

·      CGS members are encouraged to send personal thank-you notes to our vendor colleagues after an event or receiving a service, however an e-mail with your property’s signature is better than no communication at all. Remember, a hand-written note with your business card enclosed is preferred and will ensure the best impression each and every time as well as enhance your professional image.

·         If a member fails to show for a meeting or event that he/she has responded “Yes” to, that member will be contacted by an Officer to discuss the situation and what further action is needed.


·   From time to time, members may receive gifts, certificates or other offers while a concierge or member of CGS.  It is never acceptable to ask a vendor for complimentary consideration, an invitation or gift certificate that you may have not received but some of your colleagues have.  CGS membership and any benefits is a privilege, not an entitlement.  If you have any questions about what a vendor might offer, please contact a CGS Officer.   

·    When redeeming a gift certificate/dinner invitation, it is required to leave a minimum of 20% Gratuity based on the full amount of the check (prior to any discounts, taxes or deductions).

·   Gift certificates or promotional dinner offers should not be used on Fridays, Saturdays or other potentially busy times such as holidays: Mother’s Day, Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve etc. Please be considerate of a vendor's busy times.

·   If you have any questions about whether to use something or not, please discuss it in advance with your Chef Concierge or a CGS officer before you make a reservation.

·   Never take advantage of restaurants that invite you by ordering the most expensive items on the menu including alcohol, which should be kept to a minimum.

·   Never leave a concierge function where gifts or gift bags have been distributed with more than one gift or gift bag unless approved by a CGS officer.

·   You may not use gift certificates or dinner promotions if you are no longer an active concierge member of the CGS in good standing.


·       Member Meetings shall be held monthly except in December and include a social and/or networking portion, educational/speaker portion and a CGS business portion.  All members will be invited to participate in an annual trade show meeting and may, at their discretion, and in coordination with the CGS Community Relations Director, host a meeting or property showcase.  Members may propose items for the monthly meeting agenda at least one (1) day prior by communicating with the CGS President.

·       Officer Meetings shall be held periodically as needed, typically one week before the Monthly meeting.


Be an ambassador for CGS by informing, educating and networking with the public (especially local businesses) at every opportunity about the CGS as an organization of professional concierges representing the greater Seattle area. Encourage them to reach out to the CGS president. Let them know about our website which is .  


·   Be aware of and abide by your company’s policies when making personal statements about your company, its subsidiaries and/or any affiliates via any form of electronic media including, but not limited to Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Linked-in, Instagram, etc.

·   Do not share information including photographs you would not want repeated or shared in public on the Internet. Once you have posted anything electronically it becomes public domain.