Greetings CGS Members and our Community!

I’d like to welcome current members as well as introduce our organization to future colleagues and the Seattle, Eastside communities in which we all work. Those who are part of this rapidly growing city’s hospitality industry can play a vital role in its growth. As hotel and residential concierges, our working dynamics may differ. But by articulating a clear vision, setting tangible goals, and building better networking skills with which to share resources, we can all benefit and be better prepared for the momentous times ahead.

Guild meetings are more than a time to socialize. These group interactions are great for networking and putting faces to names, but also for us to use these sessions to grow personally and professionally. To encourage this growth guest speakers will be featured throughout the year who have established careers in the hospitality and entertainment industry.  Member properties are spotlighted to better understand how we are connected as well as gain insight and knowledge into the variances of each buildings procedure.  This is your Guild and together with the community you make a difference.

Our website is designed so that members have the ability to access concierge resources.  We can stop being islands of customer service and become a more unified group that has a positive, driving, citywide influence. Pooling our information and sharing resources will greatly enhance our professional image within the community as we become exceptional at our craft.

As CGS members, we also dedicate our time by helping others through what we consider “Near & Dear” and working in our community to bring people together in friendship through service.

In closing, I welcome the challenges we will face and look forward to bringing a fresh sense of vision and momentum to a group of professionals who represent the best this city has to offer. My goal is to unify our community of hospitality professionals into a cohesive group that is focused and prepared to lead our city into a thriving future. Together, moving forward, we are the keys for change.

Moving forward together through Service,

Annie Delucchi