The Concierge Guild of Seattle is pleased with our efforts on behalf of the 2016 Trade Show at Nordstrom on October 11th, 2016.  


NORDSTROM and Alex Akhavan for hosting this year’s tradeshow.  

Tradeshow Committee:

Annie Delucchi: - CGS President
Karla Rava: CGS Ambassador Member – Tradeshow Event Director
Raquel Babcock: CGS Vice President - Tradeshow Event Coordinator
Tina Barz: CGS Member – Tradeshow Volunteer Coordinator
Jean-Paul Kissel: CGS Treasurer - Tradeshow Donations
Juli Crompe: CGS Ambassador Member – Social Media
Kelly Tallariti: CGS Ex-Officio & former President – Tradeshow Consultant
Inn at the Market – Trade Show Meetings & Support
Carradin Michel-CGS Member-Photographer


If you were a participating vendor, we would love to have your feedback about the event.  

Please complete the enclosed survey.

Thank you and hope to see you at next year's event!

Concierge Guild of Seattle

CGS 2016 Trade Show Invite